Soulfully Seen

*Photography Project*

Soulfully Seen

Completely free
Childlike in nature
Searching for love
Altered by life at its best
And even at its worst
No where to lay your head
Searching for a place
Keeping saddened smiles
Conveniently On your face
Guided by troubles
Or maybe by the streets
Using a prayer and a knee
But where will you go
Caught up in cases
That leave you in
Some of the weirdest places
Just so you can learn that
Everything isn’t always what it seems
Or is located in the exact place
That you see in your dreams
Where you hope for love and kisses
Family and children
Only to meet fear
Or face death
Yours or Someone else’s
To find yourself drowned in lyrics
Filtering through the communities efforts
Or maybe lost wandering the world
Deciding you should travel it
Maybe you’ll find you there
Hoping to see what made you
Seeking for that exact moment
Decide to


For full images: IG: @Kishakissesblog

Photo Credit: KishaKisses


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