“Gunz & Roses” Mike Smiff & D Shep Review

In the Miami Hip Hop world, it is rare we get a project that features two rappers. Mike Smiff and D Shep released Gunz & Roses on July 5, 2016. The songs are laced with classic hip hop vibes while still managing to remind you that these gentlemen are from Miami, Florida. Both Smiff and Shep showcase that they can actually rap with bars that are not only creative but still relatable. They also fantastically meshed the old school hip hop technique of alternating bars as presented in the Intro track. It is apparent these rappers actually worked together and finessed the tracks as a team.

The following list is my suggested tracks:

Intro- This track allows both rappers to showcase separately and then section for section

Swerve- Gives a listener an opportunity to see how Miami music has it own style, not just what you see from mainstream artists

My B_Tch- really vibes. It gives ladies that chill mode that most rappers spark a larger career off of.

Da Move (1, 2, & 3)- classic hip hop vibe. A story telling track spilt up throughout the project. Creatively done and placed

Thinkin- Although hilarious, if you think a lot about randomness this track is for you.

Sick & Tired- This track it worth checking out from the name alone

This project is definitely worth checking out. It has tracks for fun as well as tracks that most can relate to. Mike Smiff and D Shep fed the streets.

Check out the project:



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