Friend or Facebook

Social Media has become such an addictive habit. Whether your vice is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or the thousands of apps that come and go, it is a daily concern. We check it when we are awake. We skim through it every hour or are glued to it throughout the day. Never letting a moment or screenshot go by. Sometimes even checking it before we go to sleep. Having the access to connect to so many things have caused us to lose focus on what’s physically in front of us. It consumes us.

It consumes us so much that people began to believe these “friends” are real. That by following someone you have now become a part of their circle and them a part of yours. You began to hold them to standards that they’re not aware of. Or maybe you lie to impress them. Can you determine who they are by what they “post” to be?

It’s very possible to create new friendships with social media but evaluate them by more than just posts. Do not determine how worthy they are of your personal space by what they type.  Be cautious even if their words continuously make you laugh. Friends on social media are not always real friends. It’s a name. That’s a part of an app.

These “friends” have no reason to be loyal to you. They do not really know you. They do not have to respect who you think you’re dating or talking to because he or she was in your inbox or dm. They do not have to look out or feed you. They can cackle about your business the same way they drop tea cups of others to you. That honor and respect you are looking for does not come in these apps.

You may find some true gems in these app worlds, but those take time like all friendships. Just because they friend you, follow you, tweet you or snap you means nothing in the end. Your eyes should remain constantly open at all times because no one is required to do anything to or for you.

Even be your friend.

Be careful using the word friend.

It is an App.


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