Flavors of Lemonade

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Beyoncé has managed to keep the masses wanting more. Whether people love or hate her, her marketing team is probably one of the best ever. I applaud her and her staff.

I personally saw Lemonade’s visuals as pure art. What I have come to realize is that this was the first time people could not agree on what they got from what she was trying or not trying to say. The confusion made it more intriguing. The same feelings presented on the screen were the same feelings people presented in their view of it. Lemonade showed where people are right now in THEIR lives. Most are even unaware of how it effects how they see things.

Here’s a few flavors of lemonade being sipped:

Scorned lemonade: Most women, some where down the line, will learn what pain feels like. Some will never learn from it. They will take it with them through every relationship. These are the women who only got cheating from Lemonade. Let the hurt go.

Angry Lemonade: These women were so mad about it. Why is she singing about this? My question is why not? To be so upset that, whether it’s her truth or not, she chose to express the challenges of getting through any situation is a personal problem. Maybe it touched your heart so much that you can’t face your own truth. It’s something to consider.

Afro Conscious Lemonade: This one presents a mixture. Either they found it so deeply profound in understanding the plight of the African American or they found some way to say she is a pawn of the elite and has yet to wake up. Who gets to determine how “awake” a person is? How deep are you trying to be to try to correlate everything to the power of the fist? These types are on a journey of trying to find themselves and knowledge. I say seek until you do. I also encourage these women to takes no one else’s word as law.

Messy Lemonade: These women are usually drama filled. They love being in everyone’s business. Who did he cheat with? Why did he cheat? Why tell us now? So many whys about everyone else’s relationship and everything they touch is destroyed. Water your grass and maybe it will stay green. Other people’s problems will never negate yours.

Unicorn Lemonade: The ice in this lemonade believe stars couldn’t possibly endure hurt or emotions. They created facades of the celebrity’s relationship and set “relationship goals” towards it. So, if this is her life how can you be like it? People who don’t want to believe that love and hurt are a part of life. People argue. The pedestal you put her on does not exist. The money she has does not take away experiences we all learn through loving someone. She is a woman not a fictional character. For these people, I say grow up.

There are many other flavors but these stood out the most. Sometimes it is ok to just enjoy or not enjoy something. But how we interpret anything will always start from our own experiences. Regardless of how anyone feels this piece of work evoked thought and emotion as art should. It is a job well done.

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