Seating For One

More often than not, single women love discussing what type of man they want. I want my man to do this. I want my man to have that. I want my man to give me the world. I want my man to do all kinds of wonderful unicorn wishes. It’s amazing how many women want a man to treat them like a princess but do not think treating him like a prince is just as important.

It is great to have expectations but are you really what you expect out of a man? Some women are very inconsiderate. It may be more effective to adjust what is in your control. You. Can a person really expect something wonderful out of anyone else when their life and personality are messed beyond measure? Should a woman think that they do not have to do any work but expect him to be the ultimate man?

Sometimes the harsh reality is that you are what you attract, give and take a few barricades. You are not treated by what you say but sometimes how you act or what really is happening. So ladies, just because you talk a good game does not mean a man is going to buy your story. Sometimes you are thinking fairytale but you are projecting nightmare.

Be cautious of your actions. Be mindful of what you expect from others and if you project those same expectations. If any of the following are your expectations, make sure the evaluations include yourself:

1. “He has to have a Job” Do you have a job? He will not mind taking care of you if he knows you can take care of home but if you don’t work how is he to evaluate that.

2. “He needs his own place” Do you have your own place?

3. “He should be more understanding”…. But when he doesn’t have the time or has a problem, you negate it just to talk about yours. Try not to make your problems more important than his.

4. “He should be romantic”…. But when he is, you complain.

5. “He should spend more time with me” Are you available for the time? What are you doing while he is busy? An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Be careful not to over think this one.

6. “He should listen to what I want to talk about”…. When what you want to talk about is everyone else’s business he’s probably thinking of how much of our business is she telling. Most Men don’t want to hear the gossip. Are you willing to listen to what he wants to talk about?

7. “He needs to be secure” If you are not secure in who you are to him, how do you expect to attract the opposite. Don’t accept anything and still be aware but don’t be concerned about people who don’t matter.

8. “He better not be talking to anyone else” People date before proceeding to selection. If you are still dating expect him to be still dating as well. The decision to only be talking to each other should be a discussion and not an assumption.

It is safe to say that when you only think about your wants and needs you will attract someone just as similar. If compromising is difficult for you, you are most likely expected to be single. Be who you expect. If you don’t want anything less then why would you think someone else would want it.

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