Cypher Season 2: So Much More

Miami Dade County can be found across hip hop in many dimensions. From Luther Campbell to Trick Daddy to across the world with Pitbull and Flo Rida. They are great representations of our culture, but we have so much more.

Contrary to what people think, Miami’s Hip Hop subculture runs deeper. Rappers and Emcees who embody more than just Rick Ross and Trina. A subculture of lyricists who respect the freestyle and the cypher. People who love graffiti, fashion and art. In Hip Hop, in Dade County, there is so much more.

On Saturday, February 27, 2016, at SPEAKERBOXX Miami, Cypher Season 2 took place. It was hosted by Wilameana Jones and DJ H2. Emcees from across Miami grabbed the mic and showed the crowd what they were made of. Quite a few of these emcees have that star quality that can be bred through these cyphers. The talent in this sub culture of Miami is very impressive. It would be an understatement to say there was no talent there because there was. Encouraging words about the hustle and the passion for this arena were also provided by Young Breed.

The event did not just stop there. It was located outside in Miami Gardens but on the inside of SPEAKERBOXX Miami, the Hip Hop went even further. From fashion pieces to art pieces, how could you deny that we breathe Hip Hop too.

On the surface, there’s only a few, but if you aren’t willing to look past the current celebrities Miami has you will miss out on so much talent. There’s something great brewing.




For more pictures from the event: IG: KishaKissesBlog

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