She Shouldn’t Know

In the world of social media, people have the tendency to tell so much of their life. Even privately, women, and now apparently men, share just as much information. There is definitely nothing wrong with sharing but sometimes it must be done in moderation, especially from women in relationships.

Women are very emotional and friends are very attentive. Your friend, depending on the type, will either feed you the truth or ride your bandwagon, even if you’re wrong.

For the purpose of this post only, lets just focus on one aspect, you and your man. How much should you limit what you tell your “friends”? Friends are there to assist not to be your diary. By making them your diary, you open yourself up to unnecessary advice and in some cases jealousy and envy.

Top five things you should limit in divulging to your friends about your man:


5. How romantic he is. If he does extra sweet things for you leave that between you two. Most women do not have that type of intimacy and sometimes will do whatever it takes to get that.
4. If he upsets you about things you are going to forgive him for later. Family and friends tend to hold on to things that you may have already let go. Try to refrain from telling too much of the bad things that happen unless need be.
3. Financial matters. Do not tell anything that may show he is any less of a man. Sometimes as women we must help out and a “man” will have trouble asking you to do so, so to continue building a strong, trustful relationship, money sitautions should only be between the two of you.
2. Things he complains about that you don’t do. Do not tell your friends what your man wish you did. People have a tendency to repeat things so even if your friend doesn’t see it as opportunity to snatch your man, someone in the same proximity will, making themselves his perfect mate.
1. Sex. Do not tell them what he does or how he does it especially the details. Allow them to assume that he does the normal sexual activities in an average way. Most women love fantasy but have yet to achieve an orgasm. Hence, keep the details to a minimum so that your mate doesn’t become your friend’s fantasy.

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