She’s Not A Friend

Every day there is a woman that says “I don’t do females” or “I don’t have female friends”. Honestly, if you do not have any female friends, the problem may not be other females, it may be you.

It is very rare that millions of women will all be wrong about you or “hate” on you. Is there really no one who can and will ride with you till the end? I am pretty sure that if your aura is that positive and forthcoming you will have at least one great friend.
It’s quite interesting how many women think it is something cool to say. If you have no female friends what would remotely make people think you are worth having around. It is not attractive for any woman, to any man interested in her seriously, to ONLY have male friends. Most women who say that are usually single or jump from relationship to relationship.

If at some point the woman does not reevaluate why she cannot keep men or women in her life, as a reflection of her own attitude, does not mean you must fall into her web of destruction. A web which only exists because she has yet to look in the mirror or doesn’t want to accept her faults when she does.

If you are the type of person who wants to endure learning whether this type woman at some point will be a great “female” friend to you, then I say enjoy. Otherwise, here are some signs I have for women who claim they “don’t have any female friends” and to be cautious when dealing with them.
Sign 1:

If she clearly states she “doesn’t do females” this means proceed with caution. After this point, it is your fault. Believe this is your number one warning.

Sign 2:

If after talking to her for two minutes, you know everybody’s business in the room. Trust you have officially met a reporter and not a new friend.
Sign 3:

If one week one group of girls is her best friends and the next week she got a whole new group of friends…. Loyalty is not in her vocabulary.
Sign 4:

If she ONLY talks about herself or for some reason her negativity shines through every time you speak with her….I suggest you RUN!
Sign 5:

If she volunteers advice on your life that has nothing to do with your current conversation…Her power gene is probably stronger than the friendship one.
Sign 6:

If she is insecure about EVERYTHING…I mean EVERYTHING… another just RUN moment.
Sign 7:

If she is extremely flirty with any man, even your man…..steer clear because the green eyed monster named jealousy may become extremely apparent.


If you stay clear of such behaviors, then you can minimize the trouble that comes along with the woman without female friends.

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