Awards For Who?

What is the commotion?

In our society today, it is very normal for anyone, even celebrities, to voice their views on social media. After the release of the nominees for the Oscars, Jada Pinkett Smith took to social media to share her views and how she would be boycotting the Oscars. Many other celebrities have decided to post videos, for and against, her choice to boycott. The reason for these posts, all of the nominations for this year went to “white” performers.

Is this a problem?

Of course this is a major problem. The black culture is adored, admired and implemented in all facets of entertainment, even our day to day lives. It is very evident that when it is time to appreciate or thank the culture for its contributions it is forgotten that the culture even exists. Is it that difficult to say yes your performance was just as good? Maybe it is. Black actors and actresses are asked to present and attend but how often do they receive awards? Or even more recent, when’s the last time not one was nominated? Problem indeed.

Is it validation?

Are these awards honestly chosen by the performance given or by people who want to decide the fate of an actor’s career? It seems that society may have created the perception that these awards define your worth as an actor. That these awards define a pinnacle in that career. Is this a reality? At some point, just like self worth, should it matter what award you are given if you know that the work you presented was apart of your best? Is the culture looking for validation from a space that has never given it, no matter what it may seem?


Jada Pinkett Smith and anyone who decides to join her in this boycott have every right to. Who cares the reason on why she saw it the way she saw it. She’s willing to voice to the public how she feels and what she will do to show her dislike in a peaceful manner. If we ignore how this is not a representation of our world or our entertainment what are we really saying. To support entities that continuously ignore your contributions would be doing yourself an injustice. To ignore those who do support you for validation from someone who can blatantly act like you do not exist is just as terrible. The boycott is a great idea but what is the goal? What should the end result be? More Oscar nominations for blacks? To be validated? Where does that lead us?

Is this just a discussion for the moment?

Only time will tell.

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