Review: Ice Billion Berg- Damage is Done 2

As we approached the end of 2015, Ice Billion Berg released the album Damage is Done 2.

What I found refreshing was that he was not trying to be like any other Miami artist. It was even more impressive to me that he wasn’t trying to mimic any other “popular” rap trend either. I wanted to keep listening. I wanted to hear the story. I understood the story.

Although, it was definitely reminiscent of Miami Hip Hop, it was done his way and you could tell he wanted to express thoughts as opposed to just rapping: About anything or nothing.

If you have been following Ice Billion Berg from the beginning, you can feel the growth in his lyrics. And at some point, when honestly listening to the album, you can relate to some of his feelings and messages.

My favorite track:
Already Made it Ft Khaotic

Tracks that I suggest to listen to:

Gettin to the Paper

I Know You Know Ft Mike Smiff

Reppin My Team

Smoke with Nobody Ft Gank Gannk

Steady Hustlin Pt 2 Ft Mike Bless

It is always a pleasure to listen to someone who decides to not sound like everyone else. Take a listen. Decide for yourself. Enjoy a piece of Miami.

Ice Billion Berg- Damage is Done 2

Miami Kisses

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