Until Proven in a Relationship

Are you in a relationship?

You might hear or read the following answers:

Who me? I haven’t found the right person yet.

Not any more. We just broke up.

I’m not ready to settle down.

I talk to someone but it’s not that serious.

You might even get some of the most not needed elaborate stories ever. Just for it all to end the same way. The single person you thought you met is in a relationship already.

Dating is hard enough but mix in social media and everything you thought you knew no longer exists. People who have been in committed relationships for years, spoke vows or even uttered the words I love you play single online and think nothing else about it.

They flirt. They go on dates. They send good morning messages. Sometimes they even go out of town with you. The whole time giving you the signs to believe they’re only interested in you.

Well, just like social media until you can prove it, it’s the reality they set forth. Until you find out that you can’t go by the house because they’re “looking out” for their ex. Until you see those comments under their posts get erased fast or the two other “I know I’m the one” people start tripping all across twitter. Maybe it’s when that love threatening Facebook tag comes sweeping across your timeline.

Too many people intentionally play with people’s emotions and then complain about the drama. When you play that role, you become that drama. That includes men and women. Providing that fallacy of hope is nothing but a set up to fail and no one ever wins that way. If you’re in a relationship, be upfront. If you want to be single, go be single. Your need to be wanted, entertained or whatever you’re looking for shouldn’t be at the cost of other people’s heart.

Thanks to social media it’s easier to meet new people without ever having to leave your home. And there, you are single until proven in a relationship. It’s valid unless there’s proof. A picture? A tag? A status change?  Right?
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