Shades of Vanilla Sex

Vanilla Sex- traditional sex

BDSM- Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism

It’s quite interesting how books and movies make women so interested in things they never thought to do. When the first wave of the 50 Shades of Grey swept through, women began to consider how sexy BDSM might be. Now that the second wave has graced the movie screen, all of a sudden this is the thing to do.

The crazy thing is most of these women have not mastered the art of “vanilla sex” or the gateway phase before arriving at BDSM. These women are scared of oral sex, role play and even masturbation. It seems sexy while reading or watching but it takes trust and intimacy to truly enjoy. With that being said, these same women fear both which would not make them prime choices for BDSM.

Women have to become in tune with sexuality to understand even to be submissive. Relaxed enough to do research before assuming a position of sex that in turn would be a fad when there are people who take it quite seriously. It’s almost disappointing on how desperate women are for any type of sexual connection but are unwilling to become active participants in making it happen.

The phenomenon of the 50 Shades of Grey books may have opened a lot of minds to how sexy and intimate sexual encounters can be, but the reality is they are not. Women are thinking 50 Shades of Grey but only put in the work for 50 Shades of Vanilla. Ladies, be honest with yourself, your sex life may be boring because of you.

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