Mediocre is the New Black

Not sure when what we learned growing up stopped being translated to the current generation, but apparently being just average is good enough. Did the below average students in the past get lucky and get jobs that dictate such low standards in our society? Or is it that above average students felt too much stress growing up so they give their children that its not that serious speech and watch them become underachieved adults? It really disturbs me how being just mediocre is acceptable now a days, but I guess if everyone is average than life would be so much better, Right?
Average people do not come up with exceptional ideas. People afraid to be different do not change the world or are inventive. Mediocre humans live life to die, not to live. So, why would anyone want to be average?
So many school systems have stopped recognizing the exceptional. Parents are rewarding students for C work or conduct. How do we raise great adults if we continue to teach them that just enough is good enough? Being mediocre is never great. So much potential is in the mind of so many but fear overcomes many of us. So people sit back and do just enough and then complain about how they do not have anything to show for it. When looking for a return on life, just enough is in no way enough, so do not complain about things you can change.
Every idea has a chance if given the effort. Some will fail, some will succeed and others will send you in a better path for success. At least you will be able to say you tried to live life and with doing so you challenged yourself and became more than someone wanting to live life.
I challenge parents to encourage their kids to strive for more. Reward them for A’s and B’s. Instill in them the pride of a great job. A thinking beyond what they see style should be supplied for their growth and development. Even encourage yourself to be more than just another body. Do not allow mediocrity to be the new black. Make Exceptional the every day color. No matter what.

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