So About This Entrepreneurship Thing: Entry 4

While trying to get everything together for the paperwork aspect of starting a business, I came to realize that some of my friends in the process of getting theirs off the ground, were having some of the same mental challenges. 

Although, I did not stay in this particular phase long, it was still one of my phases. 

Phase: Wondering why things are not moving fast enough 

Sometimes I would think why is everything moving so slow? Why is no one helping me? Why is nothing positive happening?

Subconsciously, I pulled myself out of that thinking like that but after having a conversation with a friend who was struggling with the same thoughts, I realized I had to tighten up. We often have the wrong type of expectations when venturing into entrepreneurship. 

While being the honest friend, I found myself listing the following items and wanted to remind myself of them:

  1. No one owes you anything. What you have done for people in the past has no relevance on whether they help you achieve your goals in the present. Some of them just cannot. No need to hold it against them.
  2. Choose businesses that are designed to do what you need done while creating your own business. Friends who do certain things are cool to use but if you see they are not what you need, go to a business that is. Business is business.
  3. There are a lot of times where you cannot take things personal. While conducting business, it should never be personal. People have a hard time switching between the two. 
  4. Have a plan. Random thoughts happen all of the time but once they populate what’s next? Do you have deadlines? Do you have a foundation? If someone asks you what is your plan and you have nothing, don’t expect them to take you seriously. You’re showing them that you don’t even take yourself seriously. 
  5. Get a mentor. There are people who are willing to help guide you. Their job is not to do the work for you but to help provide direction. Your expectation of them should never be to walk hand and hand. Never expect people to give you more than they can. They have their own businesses to run. 
  6. Put in the work. Majority of our goals do not manifest overnight. You have to put in the work. Things could be working in your favor and you have no idea because you keep thinking about all the negative things that are happening. How can you change a negative into a positive? You never know who is watching. 

We find so many ways to sabotage ourselves. We place time limits in the wrong areas. We should focus more on placing time limits on completing one actionable item out of our goals not on when people will gravitate to our completed goal. We become discouraged and forget how wonderful we are if we stay focused. 

This Entrepreneurship thing is not easy. Do not be the reason it is hard or unattainable for yourself. 

I provide a pep talk to myself daily!

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