Be Proud of Yourself

I recently went on a trip to Dubai. While in the airport in Paris, there was a young lady with blue hair sitting on the opposite side of my row. She was tipsy and extremely loud. At first, I was extremely taken back because I really was tired but then I started eavesdropping. I know I should not have been but hey, she was loud. 

She started to talk about how she paid her hard earned money to pay for her trip to Dubai. That she owned her own business and deserved to be going like everyone else in the airport. She said people did not believe she could do it and she was going to show them she could. She felt we were judging her and for second I had. For a moment, I judged her because of her hair, clothes and loudness. 

That’s usually why I catch myself and listen. I listen to understand. 

The reason I wanted to tell this story is because it made me want to tell people, BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. This young lady had hustled her way to something she wanted and rather than just be excited about getting there, she some how thought other people mattered. They do not. 

Your hustle and grind is for your joy. When you can do something you’ve always wanted to, whether people can see it or not, is still worthy of being proud. You are dope. You are everything you work hard to accomplish. 

People being proud of you is a bonus. It’s nothing you need to be you or proud of yourself. Enjoy moments, not people’s approvals. People are wish washy and if your happiness or value is dependent upon what they think, you’ll never be happy. 

By time we got on the plane, I was happy for her. I understood her. I smiled as she posted her snaps. She had gotten out what was troubling her to a group of people she did not know. But she did one thing she had not planned on and that was remind me that I can always be proud of myself. And forget any one who is judging. Judge ya Mammy! *Insert your favorite emoji*

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