So About This Entrepreneurship Thing: Entry 3

Ok. So, I finally made a decision. I put my anxiety and negative thoughts to the side and picked a direction for my business. 


I love taking pictures and the idea of showing someone the beauty in themselves would be perfect. Right?

I decided to reach out to a few friends in the photography field to ask questions about equipment. I find myself wanting to know more about the art first rather than just jumping in head first. 

But maybe I should just jump. 

Ok. After seeing people who jumped do they really know what they’re doing? But practice makes perfect. I don’t want to practice the wrong thing. 

I’m doing it again. I tend to let my thoughts drift off. Refocus. 

Back to my photographer friends. They gave me great advice on starter cameras. I finally picked one. Definitely using my IRS refund to pay for it. If not now then when?

I get the camera. It looks easy to use but it’s not. Am I supposed to focus more on learning it or more on setting up the business? Should I really have a business if I can’t actually use the equipment the way I want to yet? 

Feels like I’m back at square one. But, I know I’m not at square one. It still feels like it. 

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