So About This Entrepreneurship Thing: Entry 2

I am still considering being an entrepreneur but my mind continues to lead me in different directions on what field my business should be in. One moment it’s one thing then in a spilt second it’s something else. 

Not to mention that insomnia has some how crept its way in. So now, I’m not only confused but not getting enough rest either. It’s sitting heavy on the back of my mind and until I make a decision there’s nothing I can do about the insomnia. I’m keeping myself awake with my own thoughts. 

What if I make a decision? Then what? I’m thinking about trainings, running an effective business, how will I get customers and yet have no idea what my business will even be. In the past, I have had anxiety attacks and could feel the pressure in my chest become heavy again. The trying to figure it out and it not being as easy as I had thought is becoming a bit much for me. 

I was clearly putting a lot of pressure on myself. I was thinking so far ahead that I had not made it through the next step of deciding what field. It felt just as forced as me getting up to sign into someone else’s company every day. It was not feeling organic. 

I had to light a blackberry sage candle and walk away from the thought. 

I did not think walking away from the thought would last so long. 

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