So About This Entrepreneurship Thing: Entry 1

“My Public Journaling of this thing called Entrepreneurship”

I’m really not a 9-5 person. 

Whenever I say that, it’s not an insult to people who are. I’m just not. I’m not content with waking up every morning to clock in to something I care nothing about it. I am not a fan of the structured clock in, break, lunch, break, clock out mentality. I like constant change. I’m more driven by passion than money. Make no mistake, I still like money. 

So, I got this great idea to become an entrepreneur. “Start my own business”, I said. 

What in the hell have I gotten myself into?

Honestly, I still don’t know. 

My initial biggest challenge was deciding on what that business would be. I tend to drift into daydreaming spells and can easily be distracted or become bored. So, did I really want to do the same thing over and over each day? Even if it was something I liked? Even if it something that was considered mine? There were moments where I was not sure. 

Then, the issue became did I have to only choose one thing? Most millionaires have multiple streams of income so why could I not start out that way? Why? Because it’s super easy to lose focus if there is no structure. Yes. I crossed that bridge and it had a missing piece, discipline. 

Mentally I was not disciplined enough to focus on one business, let alone 3. So, what was I really trying to accomplish? Did I just want to become an entrepreneur because it was the cool thing to do? 

I hope not. 

How was I going to figure it out? Where do I begin? Shoot. I still had to choose what to do. It all began to seem so confusing. I tried to do research on my points of interests. The information was jumbling up in my mind. I had to figure it out because it was starting to bother me. It was tugging at my heart strings. 

I had to choose a field. I needed to become an entrepreneur. 

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