Cheer For Me

Have you ever had a friend that constantly wanted you to cheer for them but never found the time to cheer for you?

Are you that friend?

I hope not.

A cheer for me friend, and I use the word friend loosely, is someone who loves to hear you cheer for them, and only them. They either love hearing you randomly shower them with praises or actively seek for you to provide them. It can even be for the smallest accomplishment or endeavor. No matter what.

These types of people are draining and rarely excel in their endeavors. Why? Because they either over stay their friendship welcome with the obsessive need for cheers or people realize they do not provide them in return. Ever.

Everyone does not understand friendship and the constant changes needed to maintain one. A good friend knows that cheers are exchanged. They fill your friendship with appreciation. Endeavors are promoted with the same excitement and intensity by both parties.

Not sure if you have or are the cheer me friend? Here’s a few things when considering yes or no:

1. They never congratulate you on accomplishments. Whether it be in person, thru texts or on social media, they never act like great things happen in your life.

2. Anytime you tell them something good they have to tell you something good about their life in exchange. They’re pretty much saying, yeah, that’s nice but look at me.

3. They try to find out how they can benefit off of your accomplishment or endeavor.

4. When dealing with endeavors, they want you to totally support and share theirs but never do the same for you, without some type of reciprocity for sharing yours.

5. They cannot remember any of your accomplishments but expect you to remember all of theirs.

I suggest that if you suspect you’re this type of friend, and don’t want to be, that you make a conscious effort to change. Especially, for the friends who you know cheer you on.

If you have a friend like this, and you want to keep them around, start an open communication with them about how you feel. If they do not feel like making the adjustment, and you really have an issue with their behavior, then this is one friendship you may have to let go of.

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