Silence Does Not Mean Safe

It takes a village to raise a child.

Some may say the village still exist. In the physical form maybe, but mentally, everyday, we continue to fail each other. We want people to be held accountable for their actions but forget to apply the pressure for them to do so. We see the wounded and decide not to ask how can we help. We see the angry and ignore how we can help heal. We see the trouble and ignore how it will hurt. Knowing it will hurt. We have lost our village.

People, even children, are dying everyday, by the hands of someone else. The streets talk is what they say but even to protect a child they will not say it to the right people. Anonymous tips no longer exist. Don’t snitch. People with real lead information like videos and names act like it’s not needed. A village. Nope. Everyone thinks it’s about self.

At any point you can be that mother, sibling, or child grieving a loss by the hands of another. You may even share the same loss with someone else by the same person. Actually, that negative behavior that you choose to protect may even take your life. You cannot possibly think they have respect. Because someone who was trying to stay safe stayed quiet. Someone thought by not snitching they protected themselves only to sacrifice other lives and pain, even their own.

Our village is our responsibility. We protect ourselves when we teach all children the idea of respect, not just ours. When we wave at our neighbors and talk to them. When we see wrong doing, call it in. When we know information that will hurt more people we tell it. We take responsibility for protecting everyone. A village protects. Anything hurting that village should be eliminated. But, every day, someone holds the power to heal a grieving heart and the position to protect more people. They do not because they think they will be safe.

Silence does not mean SAFE!

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