Producer Spotlight: Mista Kingz

Charlton Stevens better known as Mista Kingz was born in Tallahassee, Florida and moved to Miami in 2013. Now living in Miami permanently, Kingz is a full time music producer with a grind like no other.

Although Mista Kingz had become well known in Tallahassee production wise, he felt moving to Miami would help him become a better producer. He understood that sometimes to become better you have leave everything you know. His focus was to take more interest in artists who believed more in the music and want to excel at it. So far, he feels that move has been more than rewarding. It has increased his networking tremendously and learning from other producers has helped him take his beats to another level.

He describes himself as a diverse producer, experimenting in differently musical genres including reggae. He wants to, in one year, have an opportunity to work with DJ Khaled and, in three years, have his own production company that specializes in artist and producer development.

He credits Mr. Terry Elliott as his mentor. Mentors are so important to success and Mr. Elliott has not been stingy in that department. In his 3 years, living and working in Miami, he has had the pleasure of working with producers he has admired and has increased the quality of his sound because of it.

Mr. Stevens believes today’s music, especially Hip Hop, is lacking real artistry and content in it. His advice to anyone entering this hip hop game is to be unique. Originality lasts longer than imitation.


Twitter: @mistakingz28

IG: @mistakingz

Photo Credit: Lakeisha Glinton; Location: D.shim Productions LLC Studio

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