Myths About Entrepreneurship

It is very possible to wake up one day and say to yourself that your current job is not where you want to be. You may have a divine passion for something else. A better calling. So, you decide to go in business for yourself.

The reality is that when you make that decision, it does not come with a magicial dream sequence that makes you automatically successful. It takes people a great amount of hard work and resilience to create and grow a business. It is in no way easy.

Many people go into it with unrealistic expectations and because of that they either fail or take longer to become self determined successful.

Top 5 Myths about becoming an entrepreneur:

5. People will respect your pricing- most will not. Everyone will not pay it. That’s ok. If you have created great work to back up your pricing hold steadfast to that. Making adjustments or providing discounts to everyone isn’t in your best interest. Those that want to will.

4. How to run a business only takes practice- FALSE. Learn about running a business. A lot of people have no idea what it really takes. From registering your company name to learning about customer service can benefit you greatly. Learn about marketing and business plans. For true growth you have to be able to effectively work and be able to explain what you have done and how well you do it.

3. Someone will invest in you immediately- If you cannot invest your own money in the smallest avenues of your business, getting someone to invest in you will not happen. People have to see your work. As a beginner, you will be considered too high of a risk. Hustle. Show you have clientele. Show you have a product or service worth having.

2. Word of mouth is good enough- It is not. You really need a marketing strategy. Even large companies spend millions on marketing. Why would you not need it at a small level? Have business cards, actively use social media to show what you do, go out in the community and promote. If you know your audience, do the research on how to reach them. Everyone isn’t always ranting about your service. Do not limit your box.

1. YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL BE YOUR BIGGEST SUPPORTERS- Honestly, most of them will not be. Too many new entrepreneurs spend way too much time concerned with this one. You cannot force someone to be a supporter. They will probably not want to pay for products or services. They will most likely ask you for discounts. They may be your word of mouth after awhile but they’re just like everyone else, they have to see to believe. Being emotionally attached and needing your loved ones in your journey is not a bad thing but drowning yourself in the fact that they will not support you is. This is your journey. Rock with those that will rock with you. Concentrating too much on the negatives will always lead you in a negative direction.

With that being said, learn your craft and keep learning. Invest a lot of time in customer service because it does matter. Do no get caught up in the above mentioned points. You want growth. Jump out the box.

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