A Key to My Kisses

The time has arrived for us to adventure into the mind of KishaKisses. This wonderful article is to help guide you through this interesting journey.

The Key to my kisses are as follows:

Topic Tuesdays

Every Tuesday you can expect to have a kissing view of topics that people find compelling, interesting or just plain old fun. These topics will vary. Everyone has the opportunity to weigh in on these topics and also suggest which topics should be next. If you have any topics you would like to discuss, please send those suggestions to info@kishakisses.com.

Classic Kisses: My topics
Modern Kisses: Reader suggested topics

Music Thursdays

Sporadically, musical kisses will flow with new talent, new music or musically related topics on Thursdays. These articles will give you the opportunity to check out new talent or music and cultivate your own opinions on them.

Miami Kisses: All Miami Music topics
Sunny Kisses: All other Florida Music related topics
Kiss of Luck: Music from anywhere but Florida
Kiss of Approval: Anything Music related I give my stamp of approval to


Fresh Round Fridays

Occasionally on Fridays, I will supply you with a fresh round of kisses. Lip gloss and all!

Fresh Round: Group Vacations, Places, Events or items that are check out worthy. Stay tuned for special offers and free events too, when it comes to these Friday jewels.

The key to my kisses is a very easy guide to follow and if you do not care for a certain type of kiss, you have the option to enjoy a different type. But if you enjoy kisses, no matter what kind, this is the place for you. You never know what you might find! Stay tuned!

Signed KishaKisses

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